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Why You Should Hire an Expert Lawyer for Your DUI Case

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The overall benefit of hiring a DUI or DWI lawyer is that they completely understand the consequences and the rules of a DUI arrest. As a matter of fact, if your consequences are serous and big like paying a large fine, losing your license, permanent mark on your record, or staying in the jail, you cannot be able to do it all by yourself or without a professional and legal help. That is why it is highly recommended that you hire a Spokane DUI Lawyer who can provide expert and legal advice and help.


If a lawyer regularly practices DWI or DUI law, they will be able to clearly know all the defenses, local prosecutors, applicable laws, as well as the options related to DUI case in your jurisdiction. This places the lawyer in a better position in order to present your drunk driving case in the most beneficial manner possible to reduce your sentencing or penalty, or to have your drunk driving charge entirely dismissed. Over the last years, more states have started cracking down on DUI offenses through imposing much harsher sentencing and stiffer penalties, especially on future DUI charges. Even a misdemeanor DUI conviction can have big impact on your criminal history and life as a whole, compared to other lower level felony offenses through a way of mandatory jail sentences as well as lengthy suspensions of driver’s license. Therefore, it is very vital that you take steps in order to minimize the DUI conviction’s impact on your life.

Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

The first benefit is that a good DUI or DWI lawyer knows the important legal standards, rules, local court procedures and customs, needed for the prosecution of DUI. Even though a family lawyer can be able to draft pleading, they might not be up to date on the latest requirements for field sobriety tests, blood draws, sobriety check points, or breath tests. If a lawyer is not knowledgeable in current DUI technology and laws, he or she will not be able to consciously or unconsciously identify many problems with your DUI case, which could result in a much lesser dismissal or sentence of your DUI case. In addition to that, finding a reputable and trusted lawyer with many experience can give you fast solution for your case because he or she is up to speed when it comes to finding the substantive law that is applicable to your DUI case as well as what evidence to look for.

A good DUI or DWI lawyer can also be able to present your drunk driving case to the state’s motor vehicle bureau/department on any license suspension court hearings. A good DUI lawyer also knows which certain defenses carry weight and he or she can present your DUI case more persuasively and effectively than you do.

Discussing Options for Handling Drunk Driving Conviction with a DUI Lawyer

Most individuals think that the only options left when a person is charged with DUI are to go to trial or to take a plea. A good DUI lawyer will oftentimes be able to speak about all of the options available locally. For example, a lot of counties have received specialized DUI program funding. If you agree to join a DUI diversion program and can complete the alcohol or drug counseling successfully, you can be able to earn a reduced dismissal or sentence. If you will hire a lawyer who is not familiar with local DUI practices and doesn’t have a lot of experience in tackling DUI cases or negotiating with the prosecutor, then he or she will not be able to give you expert advices about how you should handle your DUI case. It is highly recommended that you hire an attorney that is experienced enough in handling DUI cases since the consequences are severe if you happen to choose the wrong one. If you have been convicted with DUI, you need fast and exceptional legal help. Most DUI lawyers offer free consultations. Therefore, it’s in your best interest if you want to contact an expert DUI attorney or not.

DUI Lawyers and Inside Information

A good DUI lawyer will be able to know the people involved in your DUI arrest, from the prosecutor to the local officer to the judge. He or she can be able to tell you whether this police officer is fully qualified to perform field sobriety test or if he has even been into a disciplinary action for committing lies in the past. DUI lawyers also have a good working relationship with the DUI prosecutors that handle the drunk driving cases.

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